Looking to book a shoot to document this monumental achievement! Here are some tips or things you should think about when booking your grad photo-session!


When taking graduation portraits most generally have three outfits:

dressy, casual, and cap & gown. Make them as fun and bold, cool and

comfortable as you like. The outfit choices really help portray your personality.


Including props is always a fun addition to your photos, though to me, its

something that needs planning! Chalkboard are always neat ideas because the

sayings you can write are endless! (Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby sells them)

Bring a baby photo of yourself! Show how real the glow up has been. A classic

fun favorite is glitter, it can be messy but its totally worth it. See what props you

can come up with!


Show off your personality! Laugh, strut down the side walk, show some school

spirit! You want these photos to be memorable and fun and it starts with the

energy you bring! Don't worry about being awkward (everyone is awkward... im

even awkward) step out your comfort zone and have fun.

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